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a day in a life of a lowly employee

A 9 to 6 job sounds boring to most people, it is sometimes.  Now you if you want to have some excitement, you can piss your boss off just so you can hear you heart beating fast haha.  But it can be really exciting if you have tons of reports to make and deadlines to met or talk to problematic,stupid people.   Or someone with God complex descend upon you to wreak havoc.  You know these people, those who think the world owe them something.  Who act as if everyone is so beneath them,  expecting everyone to cater to their every whims and caprice.   It’s okay to ask some favor but it should be done nicely otherwise you’re just bossing around.  It doesn’t matter if you are the most powerful, richest person on the face of the planet, you are expected to act like a civilized human being.   These kind of people really piss me off.  They act as if you are nothing to them, then asks favor in a not so nice way and expects you to actually follow them.  What the *$%#*?   They reached this status where think they are invincible and thinks that anyone who belongs in ranks lower than theirs can be treated anyway they want to.  They just annoy me, these sorry excuse for a human being people.   I work because I am being paid and I need money to pay my bills and I am being paid because of my skills.   Just because I am not as distinguished as they are doesn’t mean I don’t deserve some respect.  Employees are paid for the work they done, not because we are hopeless human beings who needs money desperately.

Where I am going with this?  Nowhere.  Just ranting.  After all this  just a part of a day of lowly employee like me.  Nah! Screw them.  I am awesome and they don’t mean a thing to me at all.