Just my Imagination

Do you feel like running away?  To escape this world for just a moment?  To be someone else?  To live someone else’s life?  To do crazy things, things you wouldn’t even dare whisper to a friend.  To throw caution to the wind and let go.  To do something impulsive. To be unpredictable. To answer to no one. 

I do.  I want to be free.  Free from my responsibilities, from society’s prejudice.  If I  could just drop everything at this very moment, I’d be in a place  I could be alone.  I’d just probably get some well-deserved rest and relaxation.  Or do some soul searching, or just look around.  I’d  be on a beach with a lush forest behind me.  I’d just sit on the sand, let the waves kiss my feet. To wash away all the worries, sorrow, insecurities, hatred.  To erase all the pain I feel inside like the way the waves does to the sand.  I’d close my eyes, feel the warmth of the sun permeate my being, to chase away the cold I feel inside.  Listen to the whispers of the ocean, to calm my raging heart.  The wind dancing in my skin, teasing me, coaxing me to break free. For those wonderful moments I am one with the earth, one with God.  It will feel like coming home from a long, exhausting journey.  Those precious moments that I know I am well-loved and never alone.  To be with the One that understands without asking and listen without judging.

Wouldn’t it feel so great if you could just do that?  Just imagining it, I already felt better.  Maybe that’s what all of us need.  A little break once in a while.