I am single, so what?

Just because I am single for the longest time doesn’t there is something wrong with me (probably there is but no one is allowed to say that but me). Am I making excuses for my being single? No. It just pisses me off when people made comments carelessly when  they hardly know me.

What caused this? When I got to the office and my phone’s connected to WiFi, my FB chat started receiving messages one of those is this annoying thread:

It’s not all about me, a friend of mine and a friend of hers (both of them were my classmates in college),  one of them, probably my friend, made a group chat box and included me in the people who can join them.  They were just shooting the breeze, catching up with each other. Then they started planning a met up and my friend mentioned my name.

Her friend then ask, “so how’s her love life anyway?”

My friend answered “still zero, I actually want to introduce her to some of my male friends” (or something along that line).

Her friend replied “why does it seems like love is eluding her? Is there something wrong with her?”

My friend said “Probably because men are intimidated by her, she seemed aloof and distant”.

Her friend then said “I don’t believe in that, men will pursue your despite your indifference, if they really like you (I totally agree with her).  She must have some sort of an “attitude” (whatever that means), No offend ha (yup! she said no offend haha).

My friend  joked “Probably not, maybe she’s just into girls” (No, I am so into men).

Then she changed the topic.

I know for most, it’s nothing, unless you are the one being accused of having an “attitude”, what does that it even means? Everyone has an attitude (good,bad, annoying).  I was so pissed and annoyed. She doesn’t even know anything about me.  Why did they even included me in their group chat? There is only one person in that group that I consider my friend, the rest were just college classmates.

What made her think that there is something wrong with me?  Just because I don’t have a boyfriend and they all have kids already? For all she knew I probably just dated guys and don’t take them seriously (which I don’t).  I probably don’t like guys (I like guys). I probably enjoy being single ( I do). I am probably waiting for the man who will sweep me off my feet (yes I do) . I probably been hurt so badly before and don’t want to love anymore (no). I  might be so in love with someone who doesn’t return my affection (another no).  I probably just want to stay single for the rest of my life (No). I probably haven’t met a guy that is worth my time (which is true, If I met a guy who I really like, I would definitely do something about it).   The point is, there could be a million reasons why I am single and no one can really tell (except me). So before you run your mouth, make sure that you don’t offend people by saying things that are not only offensive but also nonsense. Another thing, if you will use English language, make sure you’re right, otherwise you’ll just one of those trying hard people who thought just because you can speak English means you are so smart and sosyal (a very unique Filipino trait).

Is that how other people see me? A person with “attitude” because I am still single? Well, screw them. I never cared what other people thought of me before and  I won’t start now.  I am just so annoyed at this very moment that I have to let this out through writing.  A few minutes and I will be fine and laugh at all these silliness.

There I let it out and I feel so much better. Just what I need, an outlet, a way to rant freely.