WordPress Anniversary

I just celebrated my 3rd year as WordPress member.  Wow, that was fast.  What did WordPress done to me anyway?  Well, it is a venue for me to just share anything I want to write about.  I feel free to just rant, rage, rave and let off some steam since I am sure no one else is reading this blog but me.  I like the idea that I have a blog and it looks organized but I still maintain privacy (again because no one reads this).

This year has been my most productive yet.  I write every month and sometimes several times a month.  Maybe I am getting better at managing my time and spending it doing the things I love.  I hope to become a published writer someday,  I don’t know yet  what I will write about. I  don’t even know if I can really write anything that is publishable nevertheless I am so set on fulfilling this one deep desire of mine, to see a book with my name in it displayed on a bookstore.  Wow just imagining about it and I already so giddy with excitement.  I can do this, I know I can, as I always say “If it is to be, it is up to me”


Thank you to WordPress for providing a virtual space for a trying hard, aspiring writers like me.  There’s just something so cool about seeing your written words in a blog, as if you are some bonafide writer of some sort.  I enjoyed those three years we shared and looking forward to more years to come.  I want to write more but there are other things that need my attention so this is it for now.  Later!!!


Broken hearted (a bit)

Just got my heart broken by a sad news. I know this sounds silly and you’ll probably laugh at me but, well, here goes.  The sad news is Adam Levine is officially off the market. What a way to start the week.  Isn’t it enough that I have to endure two hours of standing and queuing on my commute to the work? I also have to find out that my dear Adam is married to a Victoria’s Secret Angel!!  I know that this is very possible, they got engaged last year but I was thinking that they’ll break up and Adam will move on to another emaciated, anorexic super model (bitter much?!?).  I am not really sad, more like a combo of surprised, disappointed and yes a bit sad.  I am crazy I know, its not as if I stand a chance and it’s not as if he knew I ever existed just that there are millions of women out there who went gaga over him.  Wow! there goes my ultimate crush (he bumped Tom Cruise from that spot several years ago).  I have to move on and I  am actually thinking of someone to go crazy over but I can’t think of anyone else right now.  It will probably take time (sounds like a woman who just been dumped) but I’ll surely find someone else.  Bye Adam.  My crush will go on but you’re married and you’re hot-o-meter just dropped by several degrees.  Eric Bana sounds good, he’s always been my crush since Troy and so does Nikolai Coster Waldau and I could go on thinking about hot guys but I have to stop and get some work done.

Those eyes, they just suck me in and I’m drowning