Grey’s Anatomy: The kind of drama that I like

I have been so hooked with TV series lately.  Got so addicted with Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory, both are on season break.  Now I am currently so into Grey’s Anatomy.  I used to watch this show probably 5 years ago then I stopped and lost interest.  Then, couple months ago I decided to catch up and got so surprised with all the changes in the story and who ended up with whom and who died etc. and I tried so hard to stay away from the spoilers but I am not always lucky.   I started with Season 9 which is very heavy on drama.  The first few episodes really got into me and I felt like I was with them experiencing the same thing.  Many faces I have seen the first time, there’s a new batch of intern, new hot guy (Jackson Avery), and so many twists and turns in the story.

I love this show because it does not focus on one person, it tells stories of real life people dealing with real life situations.  I love that it does not stop evolving, that the changes they made sometimes disappoints\ me but they make it work anyway and eventually made up for it.  I love the characters, their quirks, their flaws, their struggles and triumphs.  I love how they look out for each other despite their differences.  I love their story of life and love.

I have to admit though that I am emotionally exhausted with all the twists in their love lives.  I thought Owen and Cristina finally figured out their relationship after all they’ve been through but then Owen really wants a kid and Cristina doesn’t want one, prompting Cristina to let Owen go  (but I really want them together, I am still in ep8 of season 10 and still hoping that their love for each other will endure the test of time).  Will April and Jackson end up together? These two really make me crazy, I really liked the idea of them together but then they seemed to moved on and in a steady relationship with their respective beaus, with April engaged with Matthew.  I was like should I ship the April-Matthew and Stephanie-Jackson thing or in the end it will still be April and Jackson?  I am just emotionally exhausted with these two, come on people make up your mind already!  Arizona cheated on her wife Callie and that is really stupid of her, how could she put her family in jeopardy for a quick sex in the dark? Then Arizona is in a relationship with the intern Leah Murphy.  Which made me think are these people so into sex or this is really how the world goes? I mean you just broke up with someone you love then a few days later you are already having sex with someone else.  In Arizona’s case she didn’t even try to win Callie back or wait till things get better,nope, she just made things worse.  I know, I sound so prude and I didn’t mean to, just curious.  Why do people treat sex like a common commodity, something they can easily trade with anyone?  In Jo and Alex’s case, they were officially together for a week and nothing happened to them yet and it already bothered Jo, I was like, “Really? Sex should be a part of this relationship this early? Okay enough of this.  I just want everyone happy and if they having sex all the time is one of the sure ways to make it work then by all means.

Grey’s Anatomy is the kind of show that I really like.  It has the elements that kept me hooked; very interesting characters, plot that is believable and engaging, the twists, the tension, the suspense and the actors.   Their season finale is always heart-stopping and will keep you on your seat for the whole duration of the show.  I am looking forward to more seasons and may they keep the up the great job.  Shonda Rhimes, the show’s creator, is nothing short of a genius.