A Long Day

August 23, 2014

Time check: 6:42 pm, at Mc Donald’ s waiting for my sister. She’s coming from work and here I am killing time until she arrives. This has been a long and busy day for me.  Got up at 7:30 am.  I don’t have work today since it’s a Saturday,  I do have an interview though for my MBA application in DLSU.  I was a bit nervous this morning, answering potential questions in my mind. I got there 9:30 and thought I arrived early but there are still several people who came in earlier. It was first come,first served basis so I decided to have an early lunch since it will be awhile before my name will be called. 30 minutes later, almost everyone’s gone, good thing I returned just in time for my turn.  The interview was fine, I was nervous but kept my composure (or so I thought). Anyway, the interviewer was very cool though he is inquisitive. The questions are not easy nor hard. It’s like those beauty pageant questions where you have to defend you answer and convince everyone you know what you are talking about. It was probably 10 minutes long, I think I did well. I was asked to take dictation using stenography (he knows steno and wanted to test me if still remember). Turned out I still remember but my handwriting is not so neat, I think I passed that test. I was also asked who were my professors back in college and I was so ashamed of myself, I only remembered two but when the interview was over I suddenly remembered most of them. How could I forget Mr. Dumlao?or was he a Dr.? That I am not so sure. He was my favorite professor back then.

After the interview, I was still high with excitement and  I just wanted to sit down for a while.  Went to the chapel and say a little prayer. It was only 12 noon and I decided to just go to my dentist if she can squeeze me in her schedule, I texted her and lucky me she can accommodate me at 4pm.  While killing time in the mall, I saw a friend, we talked for a while and then I went to the bank. 30 minutes later I am done and I again saw the said friend at the bank. 

I received a text from my dentist saying that I can come to the clinic a bit earlier. I had one of molars extracted, the dentist had a hard time pulling it and I can feel her giving it all her strength.   And after that I was ready to leave the clinic but suddenly feel weak.  I stayed there for a few more minutes to rest.

And here I am trying to eat but all I can manage is gobble up ice cubes after ice cubes:-)


First Day High

It’s 6pm and I am waiting for the professor to come in. Some of my classmates are already here. I’m both nervous and excited. This is my first day of school, my first ever class in my MBA program. Hope this will be a great start, yes, it will.:-)

I decided to be very friendly with everyone but when I entered the room and looked around suddenly I don’t feel like being friendly anymore, none of them looked like they want someone to talk to. Maybe it’s just me, anyway I just decided to write and here I am.

What happened at the class:
Around 6:15 the professor came in, and my guess was right. I saw him when I was on my way to the stairs leading to 2nd floor but he went to the chapel first and I told myself, he’s my professor. He looked the part, my subject is Business Law and he looked like a lawyer.
He asked someone, anyone to lead the prayer and for several seconds no one is talking or breathing. Then he looked at me and nod as if saying, you! So I lead the prayer I was nervous of course but I think I did just fine.

He then asked each of us to introduce ourselves, say a bit about us and how do we see our 5 years from now. We are 16 in the class, I don’t know if our number will increase next meeting. He also told us something about himself, he is a practicing lawyer, he is really interesting, he is funny and cool and seemed very smart.

We were given assignment, which is a lot. Since it’s a 3 hour subject, we still have enough time for brief discussion. He discussed the introduction to the Philippines Constitution. He made the discussion very light and interesting, telling anecdotes and jokes along the way. It is impossible not talk about politics when the topic is constitution, so he proceed to share his take on what is going on our political system, the corrupt public officials and what can we do about it.

He dismissed the class early, our class is until 9:15pm. And here I am on y way home. I’d probably get home by 10:30 or later. May God bless and keep me safe.

So that’s how my first day of school went. Just enough excitement to keep us on our toes and a glimpse of what is in store for us in the coming days.

So glad I pursued graduate studies.

It Only Just Begun

Just got my Enrollment Assessment Form aka EAF and paid for the 60% of my tuition and fees.  Yes, installment basis, studying in this university is very expensive and stupid of me I wasn’t able to apply for a scholarship, next term I am so applying for a scholarship.  It’s official I am a Lasallian, sounds surreal, really. I have been working here for couple of years so the term really didn’t mean anything to me.   I am supposed to be happy but the moment I looked upon my EAF , I was so surprised (not in a good way).  Firstly, because of the amount I have to pay, it was not the amount I expected because when I was enrolling online, the assessment I saw was 9,000 lower than what appeared in EAF.  How could 6 units in a term could cost so much?  Now I am so pissed at myself for not pursuing the application for scholarship.  I have to get over this and forgive myself cause there is nothing that I could change.  Secondly,  the venue for my class. While I was enrolling online I was very mindful of the section since I am aware there are also sections in Makati and Ortigas extension campuses.  Imagine my shock when I saw all my subjects with the section code for Makati campus.  What the heck?  One of the reasons I chose to study in this university is because I also work here.  It’s very convenient to me,  well not anymore.  My office hours are from 9:00 am  to 6:00 pm ,then I have class once a week at 6:00 to 9:15 pm.  How on earth could I manage to come on time for that subject?  It’s rush hour for pity’s sake, damn it.  I have to do something about this.  It’s okay for my Saturday class to be in Makati, I can manage that.  Wow. I wasn’t even starting to attend classes and I have to take care of so many things already.  Well, I wanted this, I could have spare myself all the trouble but then again I wanted this.  Consider this an investment, a sound investment.

I just have to let it out and now I am feeling better, not great but better. Welcome to the world you’ve always wanted to conquer and it only just begun.

Welcome to the University

Waiting for the jeep to be filled (is that even right?!) and it looks like it will take a while. It’s 9:40 pm already, had to stay late at the office because of some financial report issues. Then it struck me, this is how its going to be beginning Wednesday next week. I have been accepted to the MBA program in DLSU and I got unlucky with the schedule.  I had planned to enroll two subjects with Saturday schedule. I was fine with the whole day spent in classes but the stupid system the university is using decided to mess up.  I was so excited to enroll online this morning and despite the busy day at work, I was able to squeeze in the enrollment.  It looked impressive at first, they are using the Oracle. Then I started adding subjects, when I clicked the finish button, I was informed that my enrollment was unsuccessful. It said I can’t add the 2 subjects I enrolled because I already exceeded the maximum unit for the term.  I was confused and tried to do it all again to no avail.  I decided to call the registrar’s office then was forwarded to Admissions because I am a new student, then I was forwarded to IT Services Office because it seemed to be a technical issue of some sort.  What a welcome.  So I talked to someone from ITS, they asked for my ID number and told me to just leave my contact number and they will just call me back for updates.  The morning hours passed by and I got busy.  After the lunch break I decided to follow up but I got a call from them, informing me that I can now enroll without problems. So I logged in to the system again, add the subjects and after confirming my enrollment, I was informed that I can no longer enroll in one of the subjects because it was closed already. Darn!  I had the perfect schedule but that unreliable system screwed up and mess with my plans. End of story, I had no choice but to take another schedule, Wednesday at 6:00 to 9:15 pm.  Wow! Good luck to me.  I would have to rush for the LRT and the last trip of jeep going to our place. Fantastic! I just hope that the professor will dismiss us a  bit earlier.