One piece

I am so into the One Piece manga right now. I used to watch the anime version back when I was in college. I started reading the manga almost 2 months ago and I was hooked.  It’s about a young man’s dream of becoming the Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy. On his way to realizing his dream,he met his kickass nakamas aka crewmates. I could go on and on about all characters and their adventures.

The creator, Eiichiro Oda is just amazing.  He is talented to boot. He can not only draw but he was able to create a world that is so cool and complex at the same time.  It was the age of piracy and though it was a violent world the story focuses on following your heart’s desires and building lasting and deep friendship along the way.  The story is heavy in action and comedy but there are several times that it also made me cry,like right now, I am in the part where Luffy and Whitebeard are trying to save Ace from his execution.  I am so amazed at author’s talent, how he painted a beautiful picture with so many characters with different motives all participating in a war between the Marines and Pirates.  There are so many heart wrenching moments and sometimes I almost cried. And here comes the moment that just broke my heart, after all they have done, all the sacrifices, Ace still died not at the execution block but trying to save Luffy. I just cried.

The way he creates those back stories and how they relate with the others. In my book he is a genius.