Hey Monday

It’s Monday again and instead of feeling like I am not yet ready to start the week, I decided that I would just write something to brighten my day and hopefully the rest of the week.

its monday but keep smiling

Monday is actually awesome (except for the traffic), I feel refreshed from all the sleep and slacking that I did during the weekend.  My soul is lighter after attending the Sunday mass, my body is stronger after catching up on sleep, my mind is clearer after spending the weekend watching my favorite TV series, and I am ready to tackle a new week that would be challenging for sure.

I don’t really hate Mondays, it’s just that I wish weekend is longer but since it’s not going to happen I  might as well enjoy it right?  So I asked myself “how can I make this day special?”.  And to be honest I don’t know how to answer that question but I tried and I told myself that I can make this day special by writing (I always feel happy and accomplish after writing) and by doing as much work as I can.  Because I am more relaxed when I have no pending paperwork or report and won’t have to think about work after I left the office.

Also, I believe that waking up early and not rushing in the morning helps me face Monday mornings.  Horrible traffic is expected, so I have to leave the house earlier than usual.  Eating breakfast is also important (and you can’t do that if you are in a hurry) because you won’t have the energy to go through the Monday madness if you haven’t eaten any.  When you are in a rush, you are more likely to get irritated at the simplest things and most likely to end up with a bad morning and you don’t want to start the week in a bad mood, do you?

its monday

Anyway, this is just a short one since I have to start doing “real work” (good thing I arrived at the office 30 minutes earlier).  So for anyone who had the patience to read this post, I hope you are having a great Monday morning and don’t just hang in there, take charge, participate and experience life as it happens.


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