Term End

This is really disappointing.  Saw my grades for this term.  I got a really good grade in one subject but I was expecting it to be higher.  I did everything in that subject to get excellent grades but turned out it wasn’t good enough.  Now for the other subject, the grade was really disappointing. I got a passing grade but considering all the efforts I did for that subject, I was hoping to get a little bit higher than what I got.   I am a bit down now, all the hard works and endless nights of studying and I got a mediocre grade in one of the subjects, pulling down my GPA.

Oh well, I still managed to earn the GPA requirement for my scholarship so this is still a good news.  It’s just that I expected more.  What really matters is that I have learned so much in both subjects.  Something I was able to use in my job and in real life.  Guess I just have to work harder next time, give my 110% and aim at excellence.

Another term down, more to go.  I am slowly working my way to the finish line.  Keep going, eyes on the prize.

On the bright side, the term is officially over.  I can now take a breather, focus more on work and life.  I have so much plans for the months to come.  I need to recharge and start the incoming term with fresh perspective and enthusiasm.