Saturday Night Fever: The Musical

Thinking of ways to spend the weekend?   How about watching a musical?  That’s what I did a couple of weeks ago.  My younger sister and  I went to see the Saturday Night Fever Musical at The Theater of Solaire Resorts and Casino.


That’s my little sister. All grown up.

There is really nothing like seeing the performances live.   Not only you can see the performers in person but you feel the energy too.  You see how much they are into their characters, hear how awesome or bad they sound, see the emotions clearly.  You also get to see that how the musical goes, how the lights shifted to focus on the characters in a particular scene while the rest of the cast move around the props.   Watching musicals live is exhilarating.   I love music that is a given, but watching the actors sing, dance and act, that was really a treat.  The ensemble was amazing, most of them are triple threats, they sing, dance and acted so well. It was awesome to know that some cast members are Filipino, one of my favorite part of the show was when Annette (played by Mikkie Bradshaw) sang “If I can’t have you”, that was a very angsty and heartfelt.

SNF ensemble

The whole ensemble deserves a standing ovation. Bravo!!!

The stage was so cool.  It’s amazing how they can transform it from a paint store, to a house,  a disco, and a very believable bridge.  I love the costumes, they kept the seventies look without looking dated.

travolta the pose

Even if you’re not from the seventies, I’m sure are familiar with that famous pose.

Saturday Night Fever the Musical is an almost word-for-word rendition of the movie with the same title starring John Travolta (the same movie that catapulted him to stardom) and featured songs of the Bee Gees.  Brandon Rubendall  plays Tony Manero and Jenna Rubaii as Stephanie Mangano.  The story goes around Tony Manero, a 19 year old who works in a paint store with a dysfunctional family and always looks forward to weekends when he can drown his problems in music and dancing. Tony feels so alive when he is dancing.  When he heard about a huge dance contest, he decided to join and met the snotty but very talented Stephanie.  The musical will entertain you with song and dance numbers but also give you some tender moments, showing the vulnerable sides of the characters. Rubendall did an amazing job in playing Tony Manero, he got the moves and the vocals (and the body too, he sure fill those jeans well lol).  It’s like he was made to play the part.  Rubaii is equally good in playing Stephanie, she made the character stand out.

For days to come, I’d find my self humming “Staying alive, ah-ha-ha-ha staying alive!!”


I tried to imitate the epic pose and failed.

The main casts (Rubendall and Rubaii) had a meet and greet session and we took the opportunity to talk to them a bit and take our photo with them.


They are so nice in person.

The best thing about the whole experience is that I got the tickets for free.


the best in life comes free to us