And the craze continues

Last week, I was writing about all the school work I have to do.  Well, here’s another one. This is not to rant or vent.  I know what I am getting into when I enrolled in MBA, I know it’s not gonna be easy. I know there would be buckets of sweat,blood and tears.  I was ready to work hard.

And here I am working so hard I barely sleep.  At work, there’s ton of paper works to take care of, scholars to cater to, reports to submit and the list goes on.  I usually leave the office at 7:00 to 7:30 pm, to keep up with the influx of paper works.  When I get home, I should rest right? But not when you are studying.  I changed into my house clothes, eat dinner, fired up the laptop and start on school related work.  I would stay up until midnight.  I wake up feeling like a zombie, I wouldn’t be surprised if I look like one too. In the morning, I’ll drag myself out of bed, drink chocolate malt for my breakfast, take a bath, put on clothes and brace myself for the tedious and long commute to work.

Last week was intense, this week is worse.  Last week I wrote about our group’s presentation in Accounting, we were cramming, did I mention I hate cramming?  Anyway, we did our presentation, it went okay but there were some wrong values in our computations darn!!  Hate to say this but I don’t have a good rapport with my group mates in Accounting or maybe it’s just me.  I suddenly miss my former group mates in my previous subjects.

For the online class, I did really well in the forum discussions (braggart much?!). I got a grade of 96, I was so happy.  30% of the grade will be based on the write-up for the business research and 70% for the participation in discussions.  Our paper got a perfect 30, just wow. We only did the write-up on Friday and uploaded in on Saturday.  I emailed my write-up to the rest of the group Friday afternoon and ask them to improve it.  Until midnight changes are being made but the final paper was really good.

We don’t have cases for Accounting this week, thank God.  I have my hands full with Quameth.  Last Saturday was online class again and per usual we cram on the write-up but the final output is good. I was assigned as moderator in our group’s forum, which means more work. I have to police the forum, make summaries, call the attention of those who did not post anything at the end of the day, and ask some questions to keep the discussion alive.  That made me busy for the first half of the week, which was until yesterday.  One down.

My volunteer exercise for Quameth was due yesterday.  I worked on it Tuesday night and Wednesday  emailed my partner to ask if he did the exercise.  He did the first problem, I did both problems but his answer to the 1st problem seemed better than mine so I just consolidated our work and upload it.   Another off my list.

The first part of our Game (aka quiz) is take-home. Sounds cool right? Well it has to be a take home because it was hard.  We have to apply Game Theory to the conflict between CPP-NPA and the government.  I read on the topic since Monday but haven’t done anything yet.  One of my group mates started the paper and it is only now that I was able to contribute to the paper. It’s almost done, just need some polishing, I am sure the other two members will be up to the challenge.  It’s due tomorrow night. Another one down, one more to go before I can have a good night sleep.

The most critical requirement: Project Proposal. We don’t have anything yet and its due tomorrow night. How can I remain so calm?  Well, first worrying will get me nowhere, second I am going to meet the group after office to work on this and thirdly, I am calm because I am so used to this kind of situation.

So there goes another week, well not really it’s only Thursday, 6:15 pm. But of course I’ll go home late and start the paper then Friday will be as toxic as any day at the office then cram on the paper in the evening to make it to the deadline.  This is my life, it’s crazy but I love it.