Another one down

The term is officially over!  I don’t know I survived this term, I am just glad I did.  Last week was the online grade submission.  When I checked in my student account to view my grades I was both ecstatic and worried.  I got 3.5 for my Quantitative Methods and so darn proud of myself.  I earned it.  I worked so freaking hard in  that subject.  My other subject, Financial Accounting, got me so worried for an hour or two.  There was no grade, what I saw was NGS.  I panicked, I wanted to leave the conference where I was part of the secretariat right away and go to school to speak to my professor.  I thought my prof was giving me an incomplete grade but then I realized that if that’s the case, I should be seeing an INC instead.  So I asked someone from school what NGS means and found out that it stands for no grade submitted.   That night I woke up and checked again and I found out I got 3.0. Not bad huh?! Considering that I was so worried I might get a 2.0 because  I was not so confident with my final paper which rushed.  I have to remind myself over and over again that cramming will never do me any good.   Over all, I did really well this term.  I got my highest grade so far.  I am still aiming for a 4.0, maybe in the next terms to come.   For now I will just bask in this happy cloud that I am in and enjoy the fruits of my labor.

All those long nights that turned into mornings studying, the different types of group mates, the challenge of looking for quameth application in business, the disagreement over computations and how to approach a case study, the insightful but sometimes annoying discussions in the on line forum, all those articles I was forced to read and learned something as a by product.  All those times I was so freaking tired and asked myself what am doing this to myself.   They all paid off.  Thank God.

This is part of a bigger plan, my brain needs stimulation, I crave challenges, I love the diversity of the class, I love hearing practical approaches to business scenarios, I love meeting new people even if it didn’t look like it.  This is why I chose to do this.  This is amazing.

Another term down.  So excited for the new term and all the challenges and surprises it will bring.