Let’s go 2016!!!

Time really fly so fast.   It’s 2016 already and I find myself asking where all those days went.  I really want to make huge decisions and take risks this year.  I want to  go big or go home, after all I am not getting any younger.  If I don’t go after my heart’s desire now, I might not get what I want at all.  The thing is I am a big procrastinator and for years I have struggled to win against procrastination.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not lazy, I don’t sit around waiting.  I have actually done a lot in my life recently but I have grand visions and they won’t make come to life without my intervention.  I want to do so much and expect a lot from my self.  I want to to excel in all facets of my life. I have this awesome plan in my mind but I am usually occupied with my daily routine, with work and studies and other everyday stuff .  With enough  determination I know I can do more. I just have to be strict with my self and start doing something instead of wasting time reading silly stuff and watching TV shows ( probably a 2 episode per weekend will do? This will a huge challenge for me).

What do I really want in life? A lot that’s for sure.   I am not talking about money alone though it’s one of my priorities in life right now, I am talking about everything that I  want to improve in my personal, professional, social, physical, financial, spiritual life.

I want to  improve whatever minuscule writing skill I have but I am too lazy to write anything at all most of the time. This very thing I am writing now is a result of me forcing my self to write down some of thousand different thoughts in my head.   I have to create a semblance of order inside my mind or I will not accomplish anything at all and that would break my heart.  I really have to work on my daily schedule and stick to it. I need to start working on my 10,000 hours if I want to be really good at something as Malcolm Gladwell said in one of his books.  Yes, 10,000 hours and I need to make a dent on that humongous number.  I hope to write a book one day and it won’t happen if I can’t even manage to write anything that does not sound like a monologue.

I need to focus on my finances and this is my top priority this year.  I need to not just keep track of what I am spending but to spend less and think of ways to earn more.  I have to not just save but to start investing even a little bit.

I also have to finalize my career plan. To make a concrete plan on what are my next steps after I finished MBA.  Not that I am graduating this year but I really have to figure out what I want to do next and on what industry/field should I focus on.

It is also important that I take care of my body, to make sure that I eat only healthy food, to exercise regularly and not exhaust myself both mentally and physically.

The social side of my life is also of utmost importance for me.  I meet new people regularly but I rarely make a connection being the introvert that I am.  Establishing a social network is very important if I want to make it in this world.  I have to work on my social skills because I have almost zero ability to make small talks and socializing.  I am a nerd and I don’t mind staying in a corner alone as long as I am reading something or messing up with my android phone and even I know that it is not healthy.

Oh look at that list.  I am turning into a grown up now,  right? Well so much work and I better get started.  2014 and 2015 has been both very challenging but also amazing years for me, 2016 should be better.

Hey 2016 let’s have blast!! You and I, we’ll make an awesome team.