She worked hard and it paid off

I just have to write this down before I got so busy with work and other stuff again.  Today was the release of our grades and would you believe I got a 4.0 in Ethics and CSR? That subject where there’s so much output and the prof is kind of an OC? And can you believe I got a 3.5 in Management Action Research?  That subject that really boggles my mind until now.  That subject that gave me a glimpse of how research is done.

I am so grateful for all the guidance and blessings I have received all throughout the term.  This term validated my belief that hard work and discipline really pay off.   I lost count how many hours I spent slaving over a case study or a proposal be it on CSR or Action Research.  This term had pushed my limits and I never thought I had it in me to actually come up with decent proposals.

I look back a week ago and I see that version of me trying so hard to wrack her brain to come up with a a decent action research proposal, so afraid she’ll  muck it up and lose her scholarship.  And now here I am with the widest grin on my face.  How could I not?  When I actually got a 4.0!!!   I always aim for 4.0 but this time I got it and it was for a subject that  asked quite a lot and made me feel unsure sometimes.  Like that one time I had to cram and finish my group’s case study because I had to work the entire weekend and my group mates weren’t able contribute much, so  I came on class really late just so I can finish the case study and I was so worried she’d mark me absent. Or when we submitted a really short CSR group activity proposal and she asked me “this is it?”.  Thank God we had the chance to improve it and submit it at the final week.


Right!! I am bragging!! I just have to cause I worked so hard and I deserve this!!!

I’ll just bask in fulfillment and happiness while I can.  Time flies so fast I still feel like my head is still spinning from all the things I had to take care of for the past months.  I am sure there would be more challenges waiting for me and ready

I survived this term and with flying colors!!!