Happy 4th Anniversary My Love

Happy anniversary to me and my beloved WordPress account (lol).

wordpress 4th year anniversary

It’s been 4 years since we started this relationship, the kind that stood the test of time and survived my rise and fall (yup still talking about WordPress).  We had some bad and great times together; WordPress was there when I need to pour my heart out, when I need to let some steam off, when I am pissed at the world, when I feeling nostalgic or just want to share something to no one in particular. It has has been a huge part of my life, for years I tried to chronicle my life and hoped to make a time machine of some sort.

Reading my old posts made me feel a wide range of emotions, from happiness to angst and everything in between.  Some posts made me laugh so hard, some reminded me how silly I was.

Here’s to years of telling my story to a friend that stays quiet but always listen.  Looking forward to more years of sharing my thoughts without having to worry about anyone’s opinion because frankly no one reads this blog and I am so cool with that.