Happy 2nd anniversary to me.   Exactly two years ago,  was my first day at work.  I was so excited and terrified at the same time. I had no idea how it’s going to be.  The job seemed too overwhelming and I felt lost whenever I think about it but I was so eager to start anew.  My job before this one is an experience I won’t never forget.   It sure did taught me lot of things but I have no intention of doing it over again.  I am not about to rant about “that” job, I’d rather write about this “awesome” job.

I am working in a university (one of the most prestigious in the country I must say).  No, I am not teaching, I am one of the staff of the college dean.  How I end up here was a blessing I’ll always be grateful for.  I used to work in this university as a project based employee, when the contract ended, I worked for other company which I didn’t like much.  Good thing my boss in that project liked me enough to consider hiring me when they had an vacant position.  I am still amazed that  she considered me to have the position when there’s so many people she could hire.  I believe this what we call Divine Intervention.  I was so discontented with my current work at that time. I wanted to leave but I want to make sure that I can get a job as soon as I resign.  I kept on praying though I have no idea what would be God’s answer.  Thank God for those people who believed in me.  I was informed by one of my previous office mate in that university (God bless her soul) that there was a vacancy for the third time.  The first two didn’t turned out quiet well, which made me believe that God has really great plans for all of us.  The third time is a charm, I was invited for an interview (a very informal one, more like asking me if I want the job and me accepting it).  The next day I informed my employer that I am resigning and less than a week after than I am starting the biggest adventure I had in my life.  Looking back I might have been overwhelmed with the complexity of  this kick ass job but thanks to my bosses I did just fine.  They were so patient with me, letting me take my baby steps slowly but surely.

It wasn’t a walk in the park, I had my fair share of   I “misadventures”.  I made mistakes, got frustrated and pissed.   I have to do everything right even if no one actually told how to, because messing it up is not an option.   It’s a trial and error phase where the only thing I can do is try and hope that I am doing  it right.  There were times when I was like “shoot now, ask questions later”.  The damned if I do, damned if I don’t scenarios also happened and I only say a little prayer every time I am at that situation.  I started working while my “predecessor” is already at another office,  and turn over and orientation is more like a brief conversation and her telling me to ask about things I don’t know  which is basically everything. Good thing I am a quick learner (yes I am bragging), otherwise I won’t be here anymore. This job is not for everyone.  It require tact, diplomacy, tons of patient, focus, dedication and the ability to adapt well and learn quickly.  It’s a fast paced work, challenging and sometimes mind boggling (just sometimes).  I have learned so many things for the past two years.  I have changed a lot professionally.  There were things I thought I can’t do but with determination I was able to accomplished with flying colors.  The job itself is complicated but dealing with different kinds of people is the toughest.  From the bosses, management, faculty and students( even parents sometimes), I dealt with them.  Some were really nice, some downright bossy and suffering from God complex, some will test your patience, others will make you laugh and appreciate your work, some are just downright weird,  I don’t know what to do with them.  The key to dealing with these people and surviving it?  Patience and cool demeanor, it doesn’t matter if you are fuming inside, you just smile at them, explain your side and talk to them graciously as if everything’s fine and they’ll realize what an ass they had been. I have lots of stories to tell but I don’t want to bore you with the details and my hands are aching already.

Bottom line is, I love my job and I gained a lot from it not just financially but also professionally.  I am more confident now more than ever (but I still have to work on  that more), I see life and people in a different perspective.  I am more mature now and I proved that I may bend but  I don’t break.  I realized I can be who I want to be regardless of what people think of me, that there’s no such thing as an ordinary employee and that as long as you do your job well, no one can look down on you.

Happy anniversary to me and looking forward to more years of kick ass “career growth”. Till then.