Welcome 2014

It’s the time of the year when people feel like they are starting anew. When we feel as if a  clean slate is waiting for us to fill with all great things imaginable.  A time when most are inspired to change for the better.  When we feel like its the start of a new beginning.  It’s when people come up with lists of things they want to change, accomplish and try.  It’s New Year once again.  I know, you can always decide to change anytime but New Year is really special (at least for me).  There is just something about the first few days of the year that makes us feel energetic, inspired and just so excited for the future.  It must be the long vacation we enjoyed, must be the days we spent with loved ones, must be the all the celebrations and parties we’ve attended, must be the weather.  Whatever it is, it filled our hearts with hope and enthusiasm.

Like most people, I am excited to start the year. I am not a fan of New Year’s resolution but I do have a list of things that I want to prioritize this year.  It is more like a guide for me, something to remind me what really matters when I am so distracted with all the crazy things that kept me busy.  This year I want to be more bold, aggressive, confident, carefree and curious.  I love who I am and quiet proud of who I’ve become but I know I can always be a better person, that I have yet to achieve the best version I could ever be.

This year I’ll be more fun loving, spontaneous and go getter.  I will stick to my plans but a little fun while doing them won’t hurt.  I will make sure that every moment I spent on this earth is worth the life God blessed me with.  I could be so serious in life sometimes so I also have to remind myself that it’s not always about money (like Jessie J said) it’s about seizing those precious moments that might never happen again, its enjoying life while fulfilling your responsibilities and going after your dreams.  I strongly believe that God created us to live a beautiful life and to be happy. Life may not be easy and its actually expensive but its all worth it.  I also believe that happiness is a choice, that no one else is in charge of my happiness except me.

So in my pursuit of happiness and fulfillment I would like to do these:

1.  Wake up earlier than I used to, stretch a bit or do a quick exercise routine, prepare for the whole day physically, mentally and spiritually.  Note: leave work on time, so you can go home early, go to bed early and wake up early.

2. Save, save, save. The past couple years has been so “expensive” for me.  I have younger siblings that I send to school. I hardly set aside some money to save. This year, I will make sure that I track everything I spend.  I am not big spender, I am thrifty actually but I have a family to support, enough said.

3. Read more, write more.

4. Exercise regularly, commit to a fitness routine.

5. Take and pass the Civil Service Exam.

6. Enroll in MBA.

That’s it for now. Gotta go.

2014 here I come!!