Sisters of the Heart

While the whole country is plague with so many issues, my family still makes me crazy, my work and study keeps me busy, I just want to stop for a while and write about something that is very important to me.  I haven’t wrote about this topic but I am grateful for having it. I am aware how lucky I am to enjoy it and now I just want to try to put my appreciation into words. I am talking about friendship; a great, awesome,beautiful friendship.

the only therapy you need

We all have friends, different kinds of friends.  There are those whom we met when we were younger but went out of separate ways and lost touch, you are still friends in Facebook but that’s it.  There are those friends that you still get in touch with but not that close.  There are those that you still care about but you both are so busy and never really got the time to come together as much as you want and occasional texts and personal messages in social networking sites is enough. There are those friends that you are quite close to but never once seen the real you.  And there are those friends that your consider the sisters of your heart.  The ones who knows what are you thinking even without you saying anything.  The ones who have seen you cry, laugh, afraid, angry, ugly.  They have been with you through the good and bad times.  They know you, they know your story, they know why you are the way you are. They are the first ones you call when there is a life changing event that happened, be it good or bad and they will drop (almost) anything to run to your side and listen.  They will listen to your endless chatter.  They will make you laugh until your stomach hurt and make you laugh some more. They are your fiercest protector and staunchest believer.  They’ll cry and laugh with you. Around them you don’t feel so silly and weird. You felt like you actually belong. They are the proof that you don’t need so many friends just few real ones.


I am fortunate enough to have these friends. I’ve known them back in high school and been best of friends since then.  We practically see each other grow. We were together when we were these young, crazy, naive high school students, kept in touch during college days (we all went to different colleges/universities),  boost each other’s confidence as we started navigating the “real world”, sharing our joys as we landed our first jobs, divided grief whenever one is heart broken (be it about family, career or love), pushing each other to go after her dream and just be there for each other through all the good and bad times.


What prompt this post when I don’t usually write about them?  I was thinking about the changes that we all went through for the past couple of years and how we all are taking different paths.  There were always the four of us, that four weirdos who stuck together for 17 years.  But now we are slowly living our separate lives, well, part of growing up (or old). One of my closest friends is expecting her baby next month, another just left the country yesterday to be with her the “One” (she traveled across the world to be with him), the other has been out of town for a couple of months now and here I am feeling  alone and (a bit) lonely.


I am really glad on how our lives turned out, seeing them happy makes me happy and it’s just that it was only recently that this realization hit me. We are getting old, part of getting old is getting married, having your own family.  Having your own family means dedicating your life taking care of them, your priorities are different now.  I guess I am not yet ready for this phase of my life to end; going out with them (almost) any time and day, traveling with them, watching movies, those long chats, the sleep over, the window shopping, all those girl talks. I am not sad, I expected this to happen, I am just being a bit melancholic but I’ll be fine after a few minutes. Suddenly I realized that this is where we stop walking the same road and taking different paths, hoping that our friendship is strong enough to stand the test of time and distance.  I am sure we will, there’s always a way to make things work if one is really determined.


I am not sad because I feel like I am being left out. No, my life is awesome as it is. I have great plans and I am just beginning to turn my dream into reality.  I have a job that I really love, I am pursuing graduate school and at this point of my life I feel like I am finally right on track.  I am happy for them but I am not ready to settle down yet (not that I have a boyfriend to settle down with ha-ha).  I have this game plan and I am sticking to it.  I write this post as a tribute to a great friendship that withstood the test of time and hoping that it will stay that way.  I sound like it’s the end of our friendship when clearly it is not.  We just took different roads and I know from time to time our paths will cross.  Just being melodramatic lately but more than being sappy I was reminded how awesome my friends are.10858441_4759147633818_541890539956980548_n

Here’s to 17 years (and counting) years of friendship and sisterhood. Wishing all my sisters of the heart the best that life can offer.  May we keep the fire burning and may God bless us all.  Let’s live our lives to the fullest!!!!

our friendship has grown with us