Another Good News, Keep it Coming Please

Almost a week ago I just found out that I was granted a 50% tuition and fees scholarship from the university.  Yesterday, I received another great news/blessing.  I passed the October 2014 Civil Service Examination!  I remember telling myself that if I failed the exam, I will not try again. The test was really hard and I was thinking it’s not worth the headache, and all the works it takes to be able to take the exam that I might not be able to use in the future anyway.  I have no plan (so far) of working in a government office I just wanted to take the exam (I wanted to give it a try back when I was fresh college grad) and prove to myself that I can ace it.  Turned out it wasn’t that easy, the questions are tricky and math problems and I have never been able to get along ever since the world begun (ha-ha).

This year has been so fruitful for me.  I embarked on a journey that proved to be both challenging and rewarding. This year I decide to man up and starting doing all those things I only dream and prayed for.  I am so grateful for all of the beautiful things God has bestowed upon me.  For so many years, I worked so hard and felt like I got so so little in return.  I just realized that there is really time for everything.  And it’s my moment to shine (ha-ha).  God is amazing!

Dear God, thank you for everything and may you continue to shower me with blessings. I will continue to pray, work hard and live life according to what is pleasing to you.  I love you.


Out of the Comfort Zone and Happy

I am so happy right now!! This is one of the happiest days of my life.  I am doing my happy dance in my head.  Oh my God!! I got accepted to the MBA program here in De La Salle University!! And to think that I was so reluctant to apply in this university after reading all the qualifications required. Wow, I am just so amazed, I am about to start a new adventure and I am so excited!!

In anything that you want to achieve,you really just have to make a decision, stick to it, stay focused and no matter hard or impossible it may seem, you can succeed.  The first step is always the hardest, but once you start moving everything just seemed to be coming together quiet well.  I officially came out of my comfort zone and it wasn’t easy but it was all worth it.  If there’s anything that this experience had taught me is that you can dream big and shoot for the stars and you don’t have to stop there, you can keep going until your dream became a reality. The road is long and bumpy, sometimes you’ll feel uncomfortable and uncertain but keep your eyes on the prize and always enjoy the journey.  The destination is not everything and you’ll realize that probably too late, so hold on tight, brace your self, and keep riding that wild, crazy beast we call life.

I know is only a beginning of a daunting, grueling, challenging journey.  I know it won’t be easy and I am ready for it.  Nothing will and can stand in my way.  May God always bless and guide me.