Play time’s over

Vacation’s over, back to the usual grind. Which means back to the hopeless traffic situations, the long queue in train stations, too crowded trains, tons of paper works, annoying scholars, and the list goes on and on.  Why do I have to do this? Silly! Of course you  have to go work to earn money to pay the bills, buy your food, clothes, books and save for that dream vacation (otherwise it will remain in your dreams).  You have to show up at the office, slap some sense into myself and get some work done because doing something (no matter how hard, boring, or annoying it is) is way better than doing nothing, and what’s great is that they are actually paying you to do that job.  Which made me realize that I actually love having a routine in life, it means that the moment I wake I already have a purpose. Sure I still hate parting with my bed everything morning but after a short battle with the alarm, I’ll get up and thank God for a new day.

Now that vacation is over, it made me ask my self what the heck did actually happened to my “vacation’?  I didn’t go anywhere, I called it vacation cause we don’t have work for 5 days including the weekend (for most it’s just 4), if you wonder why, it’s because of the Holy Week.  Part of our culture is observing and participating in the Holy Week, commemorating Jesus Christ’s passion, death and resurrection.  People flocked to churches, while some took advantage of the holiday go on a vacation (abroad and local), some went to beaches and resorts, some  just stayed at home and only a few actually took the time to spend a quiet time and contemplate on the reason why there is Holy Week.   Holy Week’s supposed to be time when we remember Jesus’ sacrifice for mankind. It’s when we spend most of our time praying, meditating, taking part in the church’s activities or just stay still and quiet.  I remember when I was still in grade school, starting Thursday almost all shops and stores are closed, kids are not allowed to roam the streets, you can hear the “pasyon” sang by the church ladies all throughout the day, no shows on the TV (which left us so bored). All in all, those days were so quiet and I miss that. Nowadays, people are everywhere, the place surrounding the churches looked like flea markets, food are everywhere and I thought we should fast on these “holy” days as we remember Christ’s sufferings.  Gone was the solemn atmosphere and replaced by a festive one ( that is not a bad thing but I am just missing the old times).   Well change is inevitable and I have to get used to it.  I was just thinking that time may come when we will no longer care about what the Holy Week is all about, we will only see it as a chance to get away and have fun (which is again, not bad).  I am just glad,  I was still around when Holy Week is all about Christ.

Back to the question, what happened to my vacation, I don’t really know, it went so fast.  All I remember are staying up too late, waking up also late, reading, browsing the net, sleeping, eating, and playing virtual games.  I planned to catch up with my reading, and I did well, I was able to finish a book in one day. The next read, I didn’t fare so well, it was Coelho’s so it’s a bit philosophical and not an easy read, I am halfway through it though.  The question is, when will I finish it? If it’s an eBook, I can read it anywhere. I have this bad habit of starting books and leaving them unfinished.  Most of the time, I will restart reading since I can’t remember the story too well.  I got tons of books to read now, both eBook and paperback. Wish I could just read all day, or read for a living. So many books to read, so little time.  I also planned to write on my journal since the last entry was a year a go, but I failed,  I never wrote a single sentence in my journal.  I can’t concentrate, too many distractions ^_^.

So now after 5 days of not having to wake up early or be anywhere, I am back to usual routine.  Trying so hard to find my rhythm again, to get back on track.  I will be fine and though I am still wishing that I can just stay at home wearing my comfiest clothes, I am actually glad to get back to work.  Play time’s over, time to get serious.