A Beautiful Year

The year is almost over.   The festive aura is in the air.  Like that classic song of Jose Mari Chan, people are making list, buying special gifts, taking time to be kind to one and all.   Most people are so busy attending Christmas parties, traffic is so bad everywhere, and people flock to every mall, bazaar and market place known to men.    It could be annoying but I’d rather focus on the beautiful side of Christmas, New Year and the most beloved month of the year, December.  I love giving and receiving gifts (who doesn’t), I love the Christmas parties, and people just seemed to be extra nice to each other.   I love that December is also cold (but not too cold), I love the simbang gabi, the puto bumbong, the Christmas carols, the lanterns and Christmas lights.  This season also reminds me that the year is drawing to a close, which made me look back at the events that made this year special, unforgettable and amazing.

I remember my post in January 2 here in Word Press; I wrote about my excitement and hopes for the new year.   I shared my thoughts and plans for the year 2014.  I made a list (something like a New Year’s Resolution) and looking back I realized that I did well with most of my plans.  Some were left forgotten, some I started but stopped due to some reasons, most I was able to accomplish.  It was actually more of a reminder for me with a short list of my priorities for the year 2014.  For my lists in 2014:

  1. Wake up earlier than I used to, stretch a bit or do a quick exercise routine, prepare for the whole day physically, mentally and spiritually.  Note: leave work on time, so you can go home early, go to bed early and wake up early –  I did exercise regularly but only for a couple of months, I tried eating healthy (and I still do) but it is really not easy. I still stay way too late at night and rarely wake up early.  I don’t always leave work on time, (only when I have class to attend).
  2. Save, save, save. I was able to save more compared to last year but not much.  This is still an expensive year.  My sister graduated from college already but there are still bills to pay, food to buy and another sister who is still in school.  What’s great is that I was able to pay for my tuition for my 1st term in DLSU (my 2nd term I was granted a 50% tuition and fee scholarship).  I was also able to have our roof fixed just this month (and it cost more than we expected).
  3. Read more, write more. This I was able to do with flying colors. I am so proud of myself, despite my addiction to romance novels and One Piece manga (for 3 months I read this manga every day and night from chapter 1 to 768), I was able to complete my 30 book challenge in Goodreads.  Also, I was able to write regularly in this blog (my goal was to write at least once a week but not bad), though I no longer write in my journal.
  4. Take and pass the Civil Service Exam. – Another item off my bucket list. Last October 26, 2014, I took the Civil Service Exam and just last week I learned that I did passed the exam!  I was ecstatic.
  5. Enroll in MBA.- Another accomplished task. Last July 2014, I applied and took the entrance exam for DLSU MBA program and was able to pass both the exam and the interview.  Last week was my final exams and we also had a term-end party with my MANPRI classmates (it was a blast).  This is awesome, just last year, I was only contemplating of pursuing my MBA here in DLSU and here I am officially a Lasallian.

That’s it for the list but I was able to accomplish more, this is a great year. I applied for the SFA Financial Assistance Program and I was granted a 50% tuition and fee scholarship, not bad huh?  I was also able to went to Puerto Princesa, Palawan and visit the world famous Underground River.

Socially, I tried to reach out to old friends and be more outgoing.  I shed all traces of shyness in my body, became more comfortable with my own brand of beauty, I became more “adventurous” in my fashion style and I felt that I am more confident.  I was able to went out of town with my closest friends and go out regularly despite all our busy schedules.

With regards to my family, as usual my brothers broke mine and family’s heart countless of times but I held on.  I decided to just give them all that I got and if that is not enough, well, that is just too bad.  I tried to be closer to my father and brothers. We got out as a family more.  I am nearing my 30s and I want a place of my own and few years from now I’ll probably have my own family.  I just want to make the most of everyday and chance that I get to spend with my family.  I want to look back and say to me myself that I did my best to hold this family together even if I don’t have to.

I am still single but I don’t mind, yes, I do wan’t a boyfriend but not having one will not make my life miserable just a bit brighter.

I felt that this year has been so challenging but equally rewarding, I went out of my comfort zone, pursue things that I been only planning for quite a while and explored uncharted territories and I got to say it was amazing.  What a wonderful journey so far and a beautiful year.