I am Sherlocked

For the past couple of years, I have been so into TV series, Game of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy, Vikings, New Girl and the list could go on and on.   Before this era, I just used to read on almost all my free time.  I read before I sleep, on weekends I read before getting out of bed, I read on my commute (still do) and basically live my life around books (could have been a great thing if only I don’t read too much romance novels).  But recently a new era in my life has started, I got hooked on TV series and needless to say I don’t read as much as I used to and it kinda make me feel bad (probably because those books written by my favorite authors seemed to be glaring at me and say “I am meant to be read, not to be displayed nor to gather dust” every time I see them.  Still I got on with my not so good habit and I am quite happy about it, it’s not only books now that makes me excited for the weekend, but also my favorite shows. Is it pathetic that I can’t wait for the weekend just so I can return to my TV marathon?  Is it weird that a new season of a favorite show got me so giddy? Like I am about to see a guy I really like that I haven’t seen for a long time.  Is it alarming that I got so emotionally invested with the characters and their misfortune bothers me a lot? Probably. It’s not enough that I spent so much time watching my beloved TV series, I have added a new show to the list and I have to say, this show is one of the best!  The whole show is just freaking awesome, from the writers to the actors, simply magnificent.  I am talking about BBC’s Sherlock.  This show has been around since 2010 and I only started paying attention to this great TV show last month.  I was not into it that much until I saw the Scandal in Belgravia episode, that was an epic one. From then on I can’t wait to watch all the episodes and re-watch now that I am done.  Re-watching all those episodes made me realized just how awesome the show is. I could go all day just talking about this amazing TV show and I would just spout off non sense things so I might as well list down the things I love the most about this thing called “SHERLOCK” Things that I love so much in Sherlock

1.  Sherlock Holmes (of course).  Thanks to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for coming up with this awesome character, without him, there would be no Sherlock Holmes.  Sherlock is a high-functioning sociopath (according to him), he is a consulting detective with Scotland Yard.  He is a genius,arrogant, rude, incapable of (almost) any feelings, lives in his own world, does not conform to social norm and brutally honest. benedict cumberbatch I’ve seen other actors played Sherlock Holmes and they all did good but Benedict Cumberbatch is the bomb! He made Sherlock brainy, sexy, dangerous, fragile, funny, annoying but also endearing and looked so hot doing it.  I confessed I am a bit in love with the man. Another fictional boyfriend. sherlock faces

2. John Watson.  He is not just Sherlock’s best friend and assistant but also a man of his own identity.  He is a war veteran and a doctor.  He is so patient with Sherlock but also honest with him, letting Sherlock know that he could be an asshole sometimes.  As Sherlock said during the his best man speech, he will solve your murder but John Watson will save your life.  He has a sense of humor too, something you need to have whenever you are near Sherlock or you’ll end up hurting him. He is Sherlock’s moral compass.  Martin Freeman plays his character very well.  I love how we can express his thoughts and emotions without even saying a word.

 john watson

3. Sherlolly.    I know it sounds awful and just so silly but I ship them so hard!  I just love the idea of them being together. My OTP.  I know Sherlock seemed to be incapable of having feelings and that makes him so interesting and special but I can’t help it.  Some fans think that Molly can’t handle Sherlock but recent episodes proved them wrong.  Every scene between this two is a celebration for me.

molly slaps sherlock

That slap in the face and Sherlock’s reaction? I don’t think he would let anyone else do that to him.

And that kiss, even though it was just an imagined one, it’s was divine!  I wish it was real but then again so there goes the anticipation of waiting whether the whole Sherlock Molly thing would actually happen. The show runners probably just want to keep the fans begging for more.

sherlolly kiss

that kiss!! speaks volume (I know it was only imagined)

5. Molly Hooper I adore Molly Hooper.  She’s so effortlessly beautiful.  She appears to be fragile but she is strong and proved to be a good friend even to one such as Sherlock.  I find her attempts at getting Sherlock’s attention so cute.  Her character is supposed to a one-off but the fantastic Louise Brealey made the producers changed their mind, thank God for that.  Molly could appear shy and timid but there is strength that lies beneath that delicate exterior.

Molly Hooper

I adore her. She is the only regular cast who didn’t appear in any of Doyle’s book.

6. Sherlock and John’s Bromance There friendship is one that stood the test of time.  The more trouble and danger they got into, they stronger their bond gets.  Lots of fans ship Johnlock ( obviously I am Sherlolly shipper but even I won’t deny that these two are really so cute together) and I can’t blame them.  Even in the TV series several people assumed that they are a couple ( Mrs. Hudson & Irene Adler). Their love and loyalty to each other is so strong, each is willing to sacrifice himself for the other.

sherlock and john 221 B

The dynamic duo. The bromance to end all bromance.

The balance each other, one is mercurial the other is steady. I love their chemistry and adore these two so much.

7.  Mycroft Holmes One of the most powerful people in England. He seemed to be more clever than Sherlock, I could be wrong, but he is always at the top of his game.  I could imagine when he and Sherlock are still kids, that would have been a riot.  Like Sherlock he is odd, another high-functioning sociopath and also uses that to help people.  He is more cunning though and colder.  He has this look of that says “I am not human, I got flesh and bones but that’s it”. He may appear cold and distant but its obvious that he cares about his brother. That umbrella of his is worth mentioning too.

mycroft holmes

I felt like I could totally write an entire post for each main characters but that would take time. The actors/characters are in their A game. 8. London. I have this sudden need to visit London (not that I have the money).  I realized that despite the modern technology and all the changes that the world went through, London was able to keep its charm intact.  There’s still an old world feel to it.  I can totally see myself walking down the streets and frequenting cafes.

keep clam sherlock season 4

I can’t keep calm!! I want season 4 now!!!

I am so into this show and…. i am sherlocked