Sherlock (The Six Thatchers) : Not a review more of a rant

***Spoilers ahead***

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The fandom while we wait

After 3 years of waiting, the Sherlock fandom finally got their most ardent wish, another season.  I have been a fan of Sherlock for only two years but I am just as excited and terrified at the same time.  Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger, with Sherlock being sent off to a deadly mission in Eastern Europe only to be summoned back by the government because of Moriarty’s threat.  The Abominable Bride last year gave fans a glimpse of what happened after the almost exile ending with Sherlock being so confident on what Moriarty’s next move would be.   So fans expected an episode about Moriarty or at least his “Did you miss me” video but the episode left us clueless on how they will solve the whole Moriarty mystery.

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Did I miss Moriarty?  Yup! He’s probably the one super villain I can’t hate lol

Needless to say the entire episode was about something else, Mary’s past and how awesome she is. The episode started on a lighter note and treated the fans with fluff, in the person of baby Watson.  Rosamund Mary Watson or Rosie is John and Mary’s baby girl.  She is so cute!!!  We got a glimpse of domestic life of the Watson’s and how they are as parents.

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Isn’t she lovely?

And then there is Molly Hooper. The amazing, beautiful, awesome Molly Hooper.  My favorite scene was during Rosie’s baptism, when Molly was scolding Sherlock about using the phone during the christening.  Molly gave Sherlock a stern look and uttered “phone” and he obediently followed.  The Sherlolly shipper in me was ecstatic over the fact that Sherlock listens to Molly. I wish there was more scene with Molly though.  I would love to see Molly joining the boys on their case in her own way like working in the lab or deducing the heck out of a cadaver lol.  I would to see Molly and Mary’s friendship blossom.  I just want more of my dear Molly.

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My lovely Molly.  I just love her.

Look at my babies

aren’t they cute?

We were lulled into false sense of security then slowly the story went dark and it never stopped until we were left befuddled and grieving (or at least those who loved Mary Morstan Watson). I love watching the camaraderie among Sherlock, John and Mary.  They work well together, instead of ruining the chemistry between Sherlock and Sherlock (as most fans feared), Mary only made the duo better and helped Sherlock (more than John could ever do if I dare say it out loud) solve crimes.   Mary brought something new to the show, a new flavor, excitement and adventures.  She was able to mislead Sherlock, she has a mysterious past, and she is super smart and able to keep up with Sherlock.  Instead of being threatened when Sherlock returned from the dead, she actually liked him and never got in the way of the duo’s relationship and escapades.  She is even more attune to Sherlock’s temperament and knows when is lying.  She is perfection. How can I not love her? Yeah, she shot Sherlock but it was  Sherlock’s fault in the first place.  If Sherlock didn’t intervene with her plans and ended up in Magnussen’s office, Mary would have been able to neutralize the blackmailer and none would be the wiser.  They could go on their merry ways.  But no Sherlock has to be the dragon slayer, the hero that saves the world and ruin Mary’s plan.  I just hate the double standard in the show that appears from time to time.  John had no qualms killing the cabbie in the A Study of Pink but got mad at Mary for trying to do the same to Magnussen.  Sherlock goes around insulting people, thwarting plans of villains and shoot them if he can’t and still get to live a “normal life” while Mary left her dark past behind and lives her life always looking behind her back and living with the knowledge that her happiness will never last.


Mofftiss killed Mary off because they want to stay loyal to ACD canon, where Mary was barely mentioned, and because the show is and will always be about these two men gallivanting around solving crimes and Mary just can’t stay and remain a third wheel anymore.  They can do what they want, it’s their show after all but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.  They could have kept Mary and still let these two have their quests but then again it’s their show and they can do as they please.  So here I am still grieving over a death of a fictional character.  They let us see how bad ass Mary is, make us love her more than take her away from us right away.  I have to say that despite my disappointments, The Six Thatchers is all about Mary.

The many faces of Mary Morstan Watson

Mary is the first fully developed female character in the show.  Irene Adler was a awesome but in the end she lost to Sherlock because of sentiment aka falling for Sherlock.  I have to admit it kind of ruin the episode for me.  In the ACD canon, Adlersimply bested Holmes and got away with her plans, leaving Holmes with such strong impression that he called her “The Woman”.  In Sherlock, Adler was the villain that Holmes eventually vanquished.  Molly Hooper has been around since the first episode but she was first introduced as simply a person who is so into Holmes but was totally ignored, a plot device to show the audience that Sherlock is not normal like us and no time for sentiments.  Mofftiss kept Molly around but still relegated to limited scenes (that didn’t stop fans from loving her though and shipping her with Sherlock) and while they can argue that Molly has grown so much from being the lovesick puppy that Sherlock manipulates easily to a friend that has grown a backbone, sees through his facade and doesn’t hesitate to tell Sherlock off, all of those so called character development are in relation to her interaction with Sherlock.  We want to know more about the person that “mattered the most” to Sherlock Holmes.

It’s such a shame that one of my absolute favorite TV shows barely pass the Bechdel test or didn’t if you asked me.  It’s so disappointing that Mofftiss has to go and kill off Mary.  The only female character in the show that was able to keep with the Holmes brothers (even fool one of them) and has shown both her “normal” and bad ass side.  It’s as if Mofftiss are resolved to make the women in Sherlock meek or turn them into villains.  Mary’s video message to Sherlock after she died “explained” why she has to die, like an explanation from the creators as to why they have to kill Mary.  Mary’s dark past will never allow her to live a normal life permanently.  She enjoyed the danger but she can’t outrun it forever and she expect it to catch up with her soon.  It’s like telling us that Mary does not deserve to be happy.

I hate John Watson now.   I cannot believe he cheated on Mary.  How could he cheated on someone as awesome as Mary?  I bet Mary knew about the other woman, might be another reason why she felt it was okay to die for Sherlock.  John got the nerve to get mad at Sherlock when he should be mad at himself.  John’s infidelity is such a huge surprise, he seemed to be the good guy in the show, the normal one, Sherlock’s moral compass then he just went and had an affair with a random woman he met on the bus.  He’s got a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter!  How could he?   I am sure the next episodes will shed more light to this boggling turn of events.

I really hate you right now.  Yes Sherlock made a vow and so did you.  You cheated on my dear Mary!!!

Like anyone who have lost a loved one, I need someone to blame and in this case it’s Sherlock Holmes.  I blame Sherlock for Mary’s death because if he never intervened with Mary’s plan she would have got away with it.  But no Sherlock the dragon slayer has to save the damsel in distress.  Not a good idea when the damsel in question is capable of taking care of herself.  If only Sherlock let Mary do her thing, she might have been able to talk to AJ and explain herself and clear things up between them.  If only Sherlock didn’t convinced Mary to return to London because he can protect her better in his “turf”.  If only he didn’t love the drama so much and capture Norbury right away instead of staging an elaborate arrest scene.  If only he didn’t provoked Norbury she might not shot him.  If only he move right away when she shot him, he has good reflexes right?  (As they say if a person has enough time to move in front of someone, then that someone has enough time to move as well).  Yes, in my book it was Sherlock’s fault but John doesn’t have the right to blame him.  John now has to live with his guilt his entire life. Serves him right.

Some fan theorizes that Mary’s death is just a ruse, to keep her family safe.  There’s a small chance that it might be true but I don’t want to get my hopes up.  My heart’s already broken, no need to turn it into tiny splinters.  Mary’s death really shook me.  While it was expected for Mary to die because Mary died in the original ACD story I was hoping that Mofftiss will keep her around longer since she made the story more interesting.  It just so disappointing to see a kick ass female character go in a show that is predominantly male.

I am still reeling from the all that happened in the show.  Can’t wait for the next one but also terrified.  I hope no one on the “good side” dies, to see more of Molly Hooper and Moriarty’s mystery solved.   I am also sad because it is possible that this season will be the last one or it could be years again before they produce another season.  I don’t know if I should be happy that I stumbled upon this show and got so into it, ship Sherlolly and read tons of fan fictions or hoped that I never bothered to watch the first episode and save myself the trouble and heartaches.  Oh wait, I know.  If I have to go back in time I would still watch the show because the awesome characters and brilliant story is worth all the heartaches.  It’s like falling in love lol.  You know you’ll get hurt at some point but you still want to give it a try.

Then next week, I would watch the next episode, get my heart broken, rant about it and then beg Mofftiss for more.

As I was about to post this, I came across an article about Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington’s split in the later part of last year.  I was like, how come I didn’t know about this?  I am so devastated.  My poor heart got broken again.

So what’s the glory in livin’
Doesn’t anybody ever stay together anymore
And if love never lasts forever
Tell me, what’s forever for


Bone Deep Exhaustion

After weeks of running myself ragged, exhaustion finally caught up with me. I am coming down with a flu.  I can’t afford to get sick because firstly, I still haven’t catch up on all my paper works;secondly, my friend and I are joining a Sagada tour and we are leaving tomorrow night.  I have always wanted to visit that mysterious and alluring place since I was in high school and now everything is set, well except for my health. I have to get better asap or I am doomed.

This is what I got for working my ass off.  Oh dear Lord please make me better.  I deserve a break.

I am exhausted to my freaking bones.  All I want is curl up in bed and sleep the whole day.  This month has been a blur to me.  My birthday is coming but even that day I still can’t spend in peace and quiet.

I’m going to be alright. I know I will.

A Bully in Sheep’s Clothing

There are those bullies who will beat you up, bash you in social media, or say mean things to your face but nothing’s worse than those who put a fake smile on their ugly faces and say not so nice things to you and then pretend they never said those words and make you look like you are making up words that could create conflict between people.  They are so freaking annoying and if I’ll let my emotions get the best of me, I’d punch that particular someone in the face. But I am a mature human being so I’ll let that slide but I will never forget what that bitch said, freaking two-face.

bully playing victim

I am so freaking pissed right now.  There’s this person who said something to me and I relayed what she said to the person concerned, once she got confronted for it, she make it sound as if I made those words up, when I only said the exact words she uttered in front of me (next time I should have a recorder ready when she’s around). I am like “What is problem? You said those words, stand by it.”  Liar, liar, pants on fire.

We’ll the world is not perfect, there would be always be people like them. I was just minding my own business, she came to me and said those words, now she does not have the balls to stand by why what she said.She can say it to my face because she sees me as nobody and I don’t care she’s also a nobody to me.

darling you're so fake

a day in a life of a lowly employee

A 9 to 6 job sounds boring to most people, it is sometimes.  Now you if you want to have some excitement, you can piss your boss off just so you can hear you heart beating fast haha.  But it can be really exciting if you have tons of reports to make and deadlines to met or talk to problematic,stupid people.   Or someone with God complex descend upon you to wreak havoc.  You know these people, those who think the world owe them something.  Who act as if everyone is so beneath them,  expecting everyone to cater to their every whims and caprice.   It’s okay to ask some favor but it should be done nicely otherwise you’re just bossing around.  It doesn’t matter if you are the most powerful, richest person on the face of the planet, you are expected to act like a civilized human being.   These kind of people really piss me off.  They act as if you are nothing to them, then asks favor in a not so nice way and expects you to actually follow them.  What the *$%#*?   They reached this status where think they are invincible and thinks that anyone who belongs in ranks lower than theirs can be treated anyway they want to.  They just annoy me, these sorry excuse for a human being people.   I work because I am being paid and I need money to pay my bills and I am being paid because of my skills.   Just because I am not as distinguished as they are doesn’t mean I don’t deserve some respect.  Employees are paid for the work they done, not because we are hopeless human beings who needs money desperately.

Where I am going with this?  Nowhere.  Just ranting.  After all this  just a part of a day of lowly employee like me.  Nah! Screw them.  I am awesome and they don’t mean a thing to me at all.