Monday, why are you here so fast?!?

Why Monday’s here so fast? It’s like yesterday was Friday and I was so happy and looking forward for 2 days of rest and relaxation.  Where did my weekend go? Can’t they stay longer? Like for several days? I was thinking of changing my career plan.  I will find a job that will not require me to do so MUCH paper works, a job that once I leave the work place, I will no longer think about it.  Maybe I’d be a construction worker, a bartender, a dog trainer.   But who knows?  Maybe their job is stressful too.  Maybe if I don’t take things seriously, I’d be in a better mood.  I feel so frigging exhausted and its only Monday.  Four more days.  I need a break so bad.  If I could just leave everything behind and go on vacation.  If I could just stop the time and put everything on hold.  If I could just borrow the universal remote control in Adam Sandler’s movie “Click”.  I promise I won’t fast forward anything, I just need a quiet time for myself.  Away from all of these.  I know I shouldn’t let these things get to me but I am a hopeless case.  Or maybe I just need some distraction? I really don’t know.  I probably should stop talking to myself but then I’d probably be in a worse mood by now.  I have to admit, talking to myself is a therapy, crazy as it sounds, it helps a lot.


May they burn eternally…

I really feel bad after reading about an Indian woman who was raped by several men inside a moving bus and was thrown out to die. She eventually died from the injuries she suffered.  I don’t even want to imagine what she went through during those horrible moments, when she was trying to fight as she was being assaulted.  

Reading about this and the very common case of rape in India is just plain disgusting.  I am sure that every country has their case of rape but it seemed that India is one of those countries where it is so common that it rarely get attention from the media (this is from the several reports I’ve read).  Most victims don’t go to the police fearing that no one would believe them or they would bring shame to the family.  

I hope that every woman be taught to value herself regardless of what she been through and that nothing can be done to them that can stop them from fighting for justice, not shame,not social stigma or even culture.  I hope that women all over the world will be no longer treated as a second class citizen.  I hope that the whole world be a safe place not just for women but for everyone, to be able to walk in the streets without fearing that someone might attack you just because they can.  I know this is not a perfect world, but I hope that no one hurts anyone, that we may differ in tradition, beliefs, & culture but still treat everyone with utmost respect. I hope that anyone who has a bad intention in mind will not succeed.  I hope that if anyone decided to steal, their arms will be paralyzed, anyone who try to kick someone, their legs will be shattered and any man who tried to touch a woman with force and malice, may his penis fall off and may the wound never heal, to remind that bastard everyday that rape is abominable and shouldn’t even cross anyone’s mind.  Why do they have to do that anyway?  Can’t they find a willing woman, if they can’t, they have hands, they can use it, if it ain’t enough they might as well cut it off.  Such a shame that a small part of your body can cause so much suffering to anyone.  We are human beings we are not supposed to be controlled by our urges. 

Times like this I really hope that hell is real and that those sorry excuse for human beings and their likes burn for eternity. 

I know that ranting doesn’t change a thing, I can only pray for her and her fellow victims and hope this never happen again.