Dear Tim, is this our last night with you?

I should have stayed home and watched the game.

I am so emotional right now.  Spurs bowed down to Thunders with 113-99 at the sixth game of the Western Conference semi-finals.  It’s not the team’s loss that breaks my heart.   It’s the realization that it might be Tim Duncan’s final game and I never even seen the game live.

Since I have to work and can’t watch it live, I have been following Spurs vs Thunders Game Six via twitter.   I started checking Twitter for updates by 3rd quarter where Spurs is trailing Thunder by 20 plus points already.  That made me really nervous.  I was hoping that they would stretch the series, reach game seven and eventually win the Western Semi-Finals.  I want them to reach the finals so bad.  I have a feeling that this might be the year the great Tim Duncan will retire and I want his last game to be freaking awesome.  I want his last game to be one where they won their 6th NBA championship.  I want everyone to remember him as one of the greatest NBA players ever.   I remember watching Spurs win their second Larry O’ Brien in 2003 with David Robinson retiring and figuratively passing on the torch to Tim Duncan.  I wanted that for Duncan, so bad, because he deserve it.   Well, we can’t always get what we want.  I admit, I cried a bit when I accepted their defeat because I am so worried Duncan won’t be back next season and the same could be said with Manu Ginobili.

Duncan is one of the most underrated NBA players of all time and people always say that San Antonio Spurs is so boring.   All I see is a man who is more concern about the team than his own fame and a franchise that does not breed superstars but builds great team that will stand the test of time.   I became a fan of the Spurs back in 2003 when I happened to tune in and watch the NBA finals between them and the New Jersey Nets.  I instantly fall in love with that team.   Not only they play beautiful basketball, they are classy and the camaraderie is genuine.  I love how Duncan plays the big brother role effortlessly.  I adore his brotherly display of affection.  I admire him not just because of athleticism but also his humility.  I have never seen a more humble NBA superstar.  Duncan always chose class over flash.  He is not just a great leader but also an excellent team player.  I just love the man.  And I will miss him for sure.  There will be no one else like him.

The whole time I was following the game’s progress via twitter I was a bundle of emotions.  I wish I just took a leave from work and watch the game live.  This could be Duncan’s last game for all I know.

I will always be Spurs fan for the rest of my life.  I love not just Duncan but the rest of the team.  Love live Spurs, until next season.  Hopefully Duncan and Ginobili are still around.  I don’t want this to be their last game.

I just want to go home and cry.