Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 8: The Mountain and The Viper

This episode will burn in my mind for a long time. I haven’t read all the books so I technically don’t know what happened but with the abundance of spoilers in the internet I found out that Oberyn will die.  So I was thinking, Pedro Pascal portrayed Oberyn Martell really well, his character brought a fresh air to the dreary and bleak story and hoped maybe they will change the story a bit and keep him alive but then I remembered they killed Ned Stark and all hope vanished.     The episode was shown 2 weeks after the last one (Mockingbird) and the wait was agonizing.  I cannot wait to see the battle between the Mountain the the Viper.  As I started watching, all I can think of is the battle, I don’t care about anything or anyone else,  I want the fight start right away.   I have to go through the whole episode though to get to the most awaited part, the battle. The battle was cool, it was well orchestrated and choreographed.  Oberyn’s moves are kick ass but I was so afraid each time the Mountain strikes.  It looked as if Oberyn will win then he got so emotional and starts talking about his beloved sister Elia Martell.  That’s when it gets crazy.  The Mountain was down,  just waiting for Oberyn’s final blow to kill him and Oberyn went on saying that the Mountain murdered his sister’s children then raped and murdered her too.  He wants the Mountain to confess and tell the whole King’s Landing who gave him the orders.  He kept circling the Mountain while yelling then suddenly the Mountain moved and got ahold of Oberyn.  The Mountain hold Oberyn’s head in his humongous  hands and crushed it like it was watermelon.  The scene was sickening.  I was so shocked that I almost screamed.  I asked my sister what I looked like when I was watching and I showed her Ellaria Sand’s reaction, she said we almost had the same reaction. I knew he will die, but not how. Oberyn Martell’s death was graphic, grotesque, gruesome and brutal. I just watched it last night and I still cringe whenever I think of it. It will take a lot of time before I can fully recover from Oberyn’s tragic death.  I don’t feel any consolation for the Mountain’s death. He still won.  I was so devastated by Oberyn’s death that I forgot about Tyrion and the fate that awaits him.  His champion died and Gods decided he is guilty.  What will become of him? I don’t know yet but one thing’s for sure  we’ll see more of  Tyrion and that Oberyn’s crushed head will stay in my head for quite a while.